Welcome to the National Alliance of Life Companies, a network of corporations and professionals who work to preserve the voice of innovative life insurance companies.

The National Alliance of Life Companies is a national trade association of stock and mutual life and health insurance companies. The NALC provides member companies with timely and accurate information useful in the day-to-day conduct of business, and is dedicated to providing a forum in which member companies can work with regulators and legislators to promote fair and effective regulation of the life and health insurance industry, while allowing for a reasonable return to policyholders and shareholders.

The NALC represents a wide range of insurance companies from very large to very small. However, the bulk of our constituency is smaller and medium size life companies. These companies are defined as those insurers with a capital and surplus of less than $500 Million.

The issues that face smaller companies today are often the same issues faced by larger companies. Legislation or regulation that represents a loss of profitability for a large company may threaten the very survival of smaller companies. These companies are vital links in the American economic system. It is from this perspective that we consider all issues that face our industry.

The NALC was formed in 1992, immediately after the merger of the National Association of Life Companies with the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). The NALC is primarily composed of small and medium sized insurers. When the merger occurred, a number of smaller companies decided that the life insurance industry could not be adequately represented by one voice. Therefore, those members decided to form the current NALC.