The NALC is driven by member involvement, click and organized under several committees that accept responsibility for various issues.  This resource explains the roles of these committees.


  • Actuarial Committee

This Committee considers and evaluates actuarial issues related to legislative and regulatory proposals of the NAIC, states legislatures and departments of insurance and the Federal Government that affect the industry.  Further, the committee shares its evaluations and recommendations with other committees and the Board of Directors.

  • Federal Taxation & Affairs Committee

This Committee monitors and analyzes the legislative and regulatory proposals and actions of the three Federal Government branches which affect the industry; make recommendations to the Board of Directors and implement any actions as instructed by the Board.

  • Financial Services Committee

This Committee shall study and analyze the effects of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act on state and federal insurance regulation, and its impact on the life insurance market.

  • Investment Committee

This Committee is generally empowered by the NALC Board of Directors to take such actions concerning investment issues as the Committee believes to be consistent with the best interests of the NALC and its members; provided that the Committee seeks guidance from the Board of Directors with the respect to any issue on which the best interests of the NALC and its members require clarification, or in any other situation in which the Committee believes such guidance is necessary, or advisable.

  • Legal and Market Conduct Committee

This Committee will provide proactive awareness and guidance to the NALC members and Board of Directors on market conduct and legal issues, monitor activities of the NAIC Market Conduct Committee and make appropriate recommendations for action to the Board of Directors concerning participation in litigation and regulatory issues.

  • Membership Committee

This Committee shall work with the Executive Director to develop programs for increasing the membership and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  • Reinsurance Committee

This Committee shall promote and defend the interests of NALC members concerning issues. Accordingly, the Committee will monitor emerging regulatory issues at the NAIC, in the states, or in federal arena that may impact on reinsurance. The Committee will promote distribution of information about reinsurance issues to the membership of the NALC. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors when official NALC positions are required.

  • Sales & Marketing Committee

The Mission of the NALC Marketing Committee is to provide the finest professional guidance available in marketing and distribution strategies to our member companies.

  • Small Policy/Specialty Markets Committee

This committee shall proactively identify regulatory issues with the potential impact on specialty life insurance markets, recommend and implement actions which will best achieve continued market growth and enhanced financial strength.