As a member of the NALC, you become part of a network of companies and professionals who work to preserve the voice of innovative life companies. This resource describes the benefits you will receive in addition to the results of NALC's regulatory advocacy efforts.

 Benefits of NALC Membership

As a member of the NALC, you become part of a network of companies and professionals who work to preserve the voice of the small and innovative size life company. In addition, you will receive the following member benefits:


The NALC addresses issues of concern by active representation in the state and federal arenas. Each NALC Life and Associate Member will receive professional representation at industry meetings, regulatory and legislative hearings and before the NAIC. The NALC participates in technical resource groups, advising insurance commissioners and legislators on issues of concern to our members. As a member, you will have input into the decisions that ultimately impact each consumer and member of the industry.


You will receive our monthly Newsletter that addresses regulatory and other vital state and federal issues. You will also receive the monthly Legislative and Regulatory Report which covers legislative issues in the states and Congress. Members are also encouraged to submit articles for inclusion in the NALC Newsletter.


The NALC staff, officers and committees are available to the members to answer questions on regulatory, legislative and other matters. Our staff becomes a valuable resource on information that is available by simply picking up the phone or sending an e-mail message.


The NALC holds two annual conferences. The first Conference is usually held in June and the second Conference in October or November. These Conferences continue the tradition of dealing with issues and presenting solutions to regulatory, legislative and other challenges facing the industry. The solutions are presented by members of the industry, regulators and legislators who work together to establish these solutions. As a member of NALC, you will receive advance conference information and a discounted registration fee.


As a member of the NALC, you may participate in any committee with the exception of the Executive Committee. Each NALC Committee has a specific mission for various aspects of the industry and is led by an industry professional, who is an expert and possess a common interest in that field.


Each NALC Life Member has a vote on all NALC policy matters, including the election of the Board of Directors. The NALC Annual Meeting and elections take place at the Conference in June.


The NALC actively seeks out the lowest hotel rates, airfares, automobile rentals and other discounted programs for the membership. These programs are an effective means of helping our members manage their budgets in connection with our conferences.