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Gerry Kraus Honored by NALC

May 1, 2017

The National Alliance of Life Companies (NALC), a national trade group representing the interests of small and mid-sized life and health insurers from across the United States, honored Gerry Kraus of Homesteaders Life Insurance Company in West Des Moines, Iowa at its April 27, 2017 Annual Meeting.

Kraus, a senior insurance executive at Homesteaders Life, was honored by the NALC membership for a lifetime of commitment to the interests of smaller insurers and their policyholders. Kraus’ service included over a decade as a board member of the NALC and a term as the NALC President. Kraus spearheaded the organizations efforts to better monitor and advocate on issues impacting small life and health insurers, and was frequently called upon to offer testimony at legislative and regulatory hearings across the United States. Kraus recently announced he will be retiring from Homesteaders Life in the last quarter of 2017.

“Gerry Kraus’ leadership on insurance issues is second to none,” said Governor Jim Hodges, Executive Director of the NALC. “He’s a true professional with a strong commitment to good customer service and service to community. We will miss him at the NALC, and the insurance industry will miss him as well. We wish Gerry and his terrific wife, Terry, the best in retirement.”

The NALC is a life and health insurance trade group with over fifty insurance company members and associates. Its headquarters are in Sarasota, Florida. For more information, see or contact Jim Hodges at

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