The NALC is driven by member involvement, organized under several committees that accept responsibility for various issues.

Actuarial Committee

The Actuarial Committee considers and evaluates actuarial issues related to legislative and regulatory proposals of the NAIC, states legislatures and departments of insurance and the Federal Government that affect the industry.  Further, the committee shares its evaluations and recommendations with other committees and the Board of Directors. The committee is led by Jeff Lee, Vice President of Lewis & Ellis, Inc.

Cybersecurity Committee

The Cybersecurity Committee closely monitors the work of the National Association of Insurance Commissioner (NAIC) and the Cybersecurity (EX) Working Group as they consider cybersecurity issues in the field and develop the Insurance Data Security Model Law. Scott Harrison, a former regulator in the New York and Delaware Departments of Insurance, leads this committee.

Membership Committee

The committee works with the Executive Director to develop programs for increasing the membership and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. Monica Sole, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, leads this committee.

Regulatory Committee

This committee proactively identifies regulatory issues with potential impacts on specialty life insurance markets. The committee meets monthly, every 2nd Wednesday, and discusses pending legislation and regulation across the United States that impacts small face life issues, including preneed and final expense policies. Jessica Dewald-Sever, Assurant Inc., and Tracy Whitaker, Homesteaders Life Company, co-chair this committee.